Monday, July 21, 2008

something about me

so skip if not interested.

I've decided to post about me, mainly because I wonder how is it to read it when one gets older .)

so, at the moment I am 28 years old guy, living in Denmark and traveling a lot. Doing an interesting job and meeting a lot of new and intelligent people. Enjoying life with lovely girlfriend and I can't believe I haven't married her yet (got to fix that really soon). I also like Linux, Gnome, Python and Open Source thinking in general. and I love my parents (with all the quirks included ;)

The Job
Still when people asks me what do I do for living, saying "I work with computers" is probably the easiest way to go. However there is so much more to computers then just that, hard to explain though. At the moment I find the IT industry really interesting place with a lot of things happening (unlike Physis :)

I still dream about realizing my own business and slowly walking there. Yet many times I also find my self in the middle of million things (ideas/unfinished stuff..) but trying to reduce this lately (with various results).

Recently I started to enjoy the wind and a sea a lot. trying to catch up on some sports and health in general. My music taste is satisfied with streams from and (I would like to know where djdusty is gone). Regarding movies, beside the regular stuff, the southpark online is worth it.

Otherwise, I still feel unwise yet a little bit more experienced. I think I have really great people around me and it means a lot to me.

So far so good.