Friday, February 20, 2009

Internet HD TV

I recently bought an HD LCD TV just to find out the only super picture I can get is from the PS3 console. I can't understand why are people buying those TVs, the picture compared to old analog CRT TVs really sucks unless you get and HD signal. In Czech Republic we have a DVB-T (digital broadcasting) already but as it uses MPEG2 compression so the resolution is still the same (or almost the same) as it was for analog broadcasting. Such a resolution has to be so called upscaled (converted, recomputed) and thats where the crappines comes from. Even if your TV does a good job in this, you are still getting low resolution picture. MPEG4 wich might bring HD signal to your TV is only supported on very few channels provided either via Cable TV or Satelite (DVB-S). Most of the people uses DVB-T.

Luckily we have the Internet. I put aside this 'illegal' content, which can be nice, but is too much of effort for me to do it. I rather reccomend Miro. Miro is an Internet TV. Via nice guide it allows you to subcribe to 'channels' (there are over 5000 already!) you are intereted in. Then whenever there is a new content/episode availabe it is automatically downloaded for you to see later. It includes some nice features like automatic expiring of episodes (until you click to keep them) so you do not have to worry about your disk space, rating, sharing and much more.

Miro was here for some time already, but last year it received one million of dollars for development from Mozilla (yep, the same non-profit company that makes sure the Internet is free, open and safe and gives you Firefox) and there is new 2.0 version out there. It supports Mac, Linux and Windows. So head to and test it for you today.

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