Thursday, July 8, 2010

Facebook killed my blog

It was about the time to return the favor. I feel miserable for not updating the blog for a while, a lot of happened . But I guess that is OK, there were just better things to do.

So in short, Eva and I got married, almost a year ago .)

Then we planned our honey moon in Egypt, but we've got pregnant in the meanwhile so we canceled the flight and went for just few days to Croatia. Beautiful but quite expensive (I got 4000,- Euro phone bill which I had to pay ... bloody facebook .) ). Those are things you want to forget in your life ..

Fast forward in time I was sent on a trip to Japan for three weeks, just enough time to see the most famous places in Tokyo (35 millions of people, shit no kidding).

Then, sick of bosses (except for the very first one) I got a new one. This one is the worst, it is me. Started stereoIT , hope it lasts until my retirement .)

My very good friend died, only when the death is near one realize how fragile everything is. Makes you think about a life quite a lot.

And then best "thing" in my life happened.

Filip, my son was born, love him with all my heart. I can watch him for hours. Sort of makes me feel good there is someone else who has to carry all the hassles on now, yet there is plenty of time before that. weird though ;) Now we have to think about new flat ... again?

I've turned 30 and so I am having my last battle with my body before I let it go. Running, biking and now, here I am, in Greece, working through day, kiting in the evening. Refreshing.

Oh, I also keep ranting on twitter time to time. Peace, out!


Ingridka Hašková said...

I don't think so that you are the worst boss. So,by the way congratulation to you to your nice son Filip.

Ingridka Hašková said...

I considered that you were the best boss for me and for my friend John! Thanks lot. You are excellent!