Monday, January 8, 2007

How to get poor

If you want to get poor and live in Czech Republic, just sign in to Vodafone. I'm switching provider because of company phone and I just wanted to see my last monthly bill. Good they have on-line access to all your information/services and this was always appreciated. Not today.

GPRS, 3 data accesses , 31MB downloaded charging 1699,- KC + VAT (around 90US dollars). 31MB come on! It was likely bloody network driver for HP laptop I had to download when Windows failed and were reinstalled.

Funny is when I officially asked to switch, they asked for reasons. Advised that Vodaphone's (Czech Republic) Data services are poor and expensive (no UMTS/3G, mainly GPRS and somewhere EDGE) and today this.

I guess I just got bit more poor again. Very expensive experience.

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