Wednesday, January 31, 2007

erase and revind

... famous song from The Cardigans has recently got real meaning for me.
Awhile ago I've heard a friend of mine talking about his own web log. He requested unique URL, specific theming and possibility to have an inline gallery. It took a while and was born, since that only my first entry
occupies the front page. My friend has always something else to do, that doesn't surprise me though.

But let's get back to point. When I explained parts of the system and introduced him "links" section he pointed me to another's blog. After awhile I found it nice and funny blog about people I know or so. Nice example of what social networking looks like. What has surprised me was that by the end of January, most of the entries have disappeared, leaving just two for (I guess) historic moments. For a moment I thought a technical issue appeared, but then understood that was not the case. I thought that with Internet and mass storage available today humanity will be able to store and archive everything out there for ever. I was wrong again.

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